Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ewan McLennan Wednesday 16 November 2016 at Carrington Folk Club

We have EWAN McLENNAN as our guests on Wednesday 16 November. He is a guitarist at the forefront of his generation, a troubadour, balladeer and storyteller in the old style.
Ewan won the Horizon Award at the BBC Folk Awards 2011 on the strength of his live appearances rather than any pressure by his agent or record label. He was born in Scotland and spent time with Dick Gaughan and Martin Simpson before carving his own path in 2012 with his CD “The Last Bird to Sing”. He went down well 4 years ago when last at the club.
He has recently been on tour with the Guardian writer George Monbiot who asked him to compose songs for their project “Breaking the Spell of Loneliness”, which has also been covered by both Mark Radcliff on Radio 2 and Late Junction on Radio 3. You can check out to hear “A gorgeous lilting voice, so moving” according to Mojo magazine.

James Hickman and Dan Cassidy Wednesday 19 October at Carrington Folk Club

james-hickman-and-dan-cassidyOur next guests are James Hickman & Dan Cassidy on Wednesday 19th October.
They epitomise the strong connection between British and American folk music, inspired by our tradition that was rediscovered when Cecil Sharp went collecting songs in the Carolinas in 1916.
James’ lively wit, emotive soaring vocals and driving guitar contrast with Dan’s dry ironic drawl and virtuoso fiddling. It’s over 5 years since they were last guests at our club, mainly because Dan has been living in Iceland.