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Fundraising event for Framework Wednesday 4 October at Carrington Folk Club

We are pleased to announce that there will be a special fundraising evening at the club on Wednesday 4th October, in aid of the local charity Framework. We will have two guest acts, Cookie and Foreign Accent, performing for about 30 minutes each, one before the break and one after, with floor singers beginning each half. The evening is being hosted under the banner of “We Shall Overcome” (WSO), a nationwide collective organising events, mostly music concerts, at a local level to help local causes affected by austerity cuts.

Foreign Accent are a folk-rock band based in Nottingham. Their songs are drawn from Hungarian Folk melodies and poems, reflecting the origins of the band, along with other melodic sources including Indian and English traditional music. Here’s a sample:

Cookie is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Kimberley. His new CD “Fake Ballads & Tea Shanties” was the featured album on Roger Williams’ radio programme A World Of Difference a few weeks ago. Many of Cookie’s songs involve local themes, such as “The Cries of Nottingham”, “Old Lady Trent”, and “Ballad Of The Pretty Windows” (about the Fox & Grapes murder in Sneinton). Here’s a sample:

We Shall Overcome is a movement of musicians, artists, activists and community organisers who are angry about the human costs of austerity policies and want to do something practical to help those affected. Each WSO event is used to directly help the community in which it is based. At the Carrington Triangle Folk Club event we will be asking for cash donations for Framework, suggesting a minimum donation of £5. WSO is political in as much as it is anti-austerity, supporting charities helping those hardest hit by government cuts, but it is not party political. More information here:

Framework is a charity and housing association that helps homeless people, prevents homelessness, and brings opportunities to vulnerable people in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. More information here: