Kim Lowings and the Greenwood Wednesday 16 March 2016 at Carrington folk club

KL GreenwoodBased in Worcestershire, Kim Lowings and the Greenwoodhave been making a great impression since Kim went professional.
Last September they released their second album ‘Historia’ which contains mostly songs Kim has written but also a couple of traditional songs done in her own way. Kim plays Appalachian dulcimer and sings with an enchantingly pure voice, whilst three in the Greenwood back her with guitar, bouzouki, double bass and percussion. They got the audience at Bingham singing last October so we’re sure they can do the same at the Gladstone on 16th March.

Damien Barber and Mike Wilson Wednesday 17 February 2016 at Carrington Folk Club

Damien Barber and Mike Wilson
Our next guests DAMIEN BARBER and MIKE WILSON regularly tour folk clubs together in January and February before the Festival season starts and they appear in their familiar groups of The Demon Barbers and the Wilson Family respectively. When they were last guests here, their album, “Under the Influence” had recently been released and we wait to hear if they have another. Mike and Damien have a rich shared repertoire of traditional songs plus the work of modern folk writers such as Bellamy, Ewan MacColl and Mike Waterson.
Damien won the Young Tradition Award 25 years ago whilst a Norfolk teenager, but by then Mike as the youngest member of his family’s acapella group encouraged him. They both realised folk clubs need to keep the tradition alive. They always find plenty of clubs wanting to see them each winter, so do come to the Gladstone to see Damien and Mike on Wednesday 17 February.

Marc Block with Tina Taylor Wednesday 20 January 2016 at Carrington Folk Club

Our next guest MARC BLOCK had a feature spot at our club 6 years ago ahead of his performance at Towersey Festival and has made regular appearances on the Nottingham folk and roots scene. He also fronted a Trio and ‘The Breezes’ but had been recognised by Elly Lucas and Lucy Ward who supported him on the release of his first album, “The Hawthorn Spring” in 2013.
Since then he also became regular driver and accompanist for Roy Bailey so has performed all over the country, benefitting from Roy’s vast experience of the tradition and current social issues.
Marc has always been generous in collaboration and for some of the night TINA TAYLOR will also be performing. She’s been involved in folk music since her teens and ran the Woodlark Folk Club at Lambley with Julie over several years. She became a familiar face at folk festivals but had taken a break from performing in clubs.

Paul Carbuncle Wednesday 16 December at Carrington Folk Club

Paul CarbuncleOur next guest PAUL CARBUNCLE is a Carrington regular as well as being a regular entertainer on the Nottingham folk and roots scene.
Originally from east Kent, Paul is a punk-folk stand-up with a distinctive guitar style. He also writes brilliant songs such as “Chopping an Onion”. Like Billy Bragg, he uses his own ‘froots’ songs to draw attention to current situations or problems in a direct way.
He also has a respect for the traditional canon of folk song “of and for the people” so sprinkles interpretations of these into his set to provide an entertaining mix, occasionally enlivened by the odd broken string mid-song.
We didn’t want to end 2015 without highlighting one of our regular singers who could be standing on bigger stages in the next few years, so do come to the Gladstone on Wednesday 16 December.

Martyn Wyndham-Read Wednesday 18 November 2015

Martyn Wyndham Read Martyn Wyndham-Read is a gifted singer with a superb repertoire and a fund of stories.
A naturally engaging performer, his material originates from working on an Australian sheep farm as a teenager. He learned songs from the shearers and other bush workers and found on returning to England that audiences were pleased to hear his interpretations with his guitar. He has since popularised many songs from some of the greatest writers in Britain, such as Graham Miles.

Dough Eunson and Sarah Matthews Wednesday 21 October at Carrington Folk Club

Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews have been singing in harmony and playing together for 20 years. Some readers may remember them as half of Cross o’the Hands. Doug also plays melodeon and Sarah fiddle or viola for English and European dance sides, but along the way they’ve collected some of the best English folk songs which have enhanced their repertoire.
Their third album ‘Songs and Laughter’ has just been released and emphasises how their relaxed and humorous delivery enhances their obvious writing talents.

Jonathan Jones feature night at Carrington Folk Club Wednesday 30 September

Jonathan Jones has been a regular singer at our singaround nights for many years. He has always loved to interpret the songs of James Taylor to our delight, but has written a few of his own that have passed into iconic status, such as Miss Nicotina and Country Boy Gone Wrong. He has accepted our invitation to have a feature night next Wednesday 30 September and we hope you will come to enjoy an extended mix of songs from Jonathan to enable him to make a donation to his chosen charity.

Bob Fox Wednesday 16 September at Carrington Folk Club

Bob FoxBob has had a special buzz in his solo work since returning from a long stint as the Songman in the London production of War Horse. He has 30 years behind him as a folk musician, in a duo with Stu Luckley, with Tom McConville, then with Jez Lowe and Benny Graham in the Pitmen Poets. Mostly he accompanies his songs on guitar, but it’s his sense of community, living the songs he sings, that comes over stronger since his West End stage experience.