Virginia Kettle, 15 May

Our May guest, Virginia Kettle, went down very well.

Photo by Mike Wareham

Jane Tracey (club committee) said:
“She is a great songwriter with lots of variety and really interesting themes…and a great personality.”

Martin Gallimore (audience) said:
“Virginia Kettle (who usually performs with the band Merry Hell) gave a solo performance of self-penned songs at Nottingham’s Carrington Folk Club. I was reminded that acoustic music performed live in an intimate setting (by a seasoned and skilled artist) has the power to open the heart and mind in a magical way.
With just the right mix of themes, and plenty of humour, she draws from a rich and diverse life experience. From living in a communal squat in London, busking around Europe, campaigning for environmental justice, animal rights, and peace, her songs manage to be both moving and entertaining, while never being preachy. Catch her if you can. You won’t be disappointed.”